Outsourced CFO & Executive
Level Financial Consulting

Ditch the frustration & gain the financial
leadership your company needs

Quick Question For Busy CEOs Ready To
Make The Next Big Move:

What would your business look like if you could make informed
decisions that get results like these?

Top-line revenue growth
in the middle of a global
health crisis


increase in year-over-year
cash flow


per year in bottom-line growth
simply by optimizing expenses

Would you continue to run your business on "instinct" with your hands in too many pots and books that are sloppier than a pack of frat boys on a pub crawl…

...with no clue how to clean up the mess because you've been burned one too many times by financial professionals and tools that fail to deliver?

Or would you partner with a firm that doesn’t stop at bookkeeping, but takes a deep dive into your entire business model, industry, and customers to help you identify and eliminate problems before they rear their ugly heads…

...so that you can stop treading water and lead your rapidly growing company with confidence...

without having to
micromanage the finances?

I don’t have a background in finance. I’ve learned to surround myself with people who complement my weaknesses. Michael’s energy and his passion really sold me. He has this way of teaching that makes you feel really comfortable.”

“I found it very valuable to do coaching with Michael. He gives you the tools to not only empower you to understand, but also to retain it. I feel like I just gained so much knowledge.

Lauren Bongiorno

[As a CEO of a multiple 7-figure company] it’s difficult to keep an eye on the books and wear all the hats that you need to. Michael provides us with the insight that is sorely needed. It really is fantastic to have someone who is able to provide the advice you need to make executive decisions.

Going into the pandemic was pretty scary. We had a come-to-Jesus talk with Michael. They made suggestions that were very practical. We have been able to navigate those extremely perilous waters and we could not have done that without Michael and his team.”

Sam Banks

We hired Michael and his firm to do a deep dive into our books. They did a stellar job. We were so impressed with their work and their personalities. They listened really well to our needs and our core values. It’s freed us up to work on our business at the big picture level.”

Kari Way

Because as you grow, finances become more complex.

It’s going to take more than software to know which decisions will support (or tank) your business growth.

Your business is scaling faster than you can blink.
After years of pouring every bit of your blood, sweat, tears, AND cash into your organization…You’re finally reaping the rewards that you’ve worked so hard to get:
A stronger position in your industry.
More zeros in your bank account.
And the freedom to finally take off some of those extra hats you’ve been wearing for way too long.

You’re starting to dream bigger about your role as the visionary of your company and you’re feeling excited about the new projects you can explore...

Until the day a thick envelope hits your desk with a not-so-nice letter from Uncle Sam inside, informing you that you’re on the hook for $180K thanks to a “little mistake” you made last April.

You start to panic as your dreams of having a little more margin in your life grind to a halt.

You thought you had a handle on the financials...at least, that’s the impression you had from the reports your accounting software spat out every month.

But now you have to scramble to figure out how you’re going to afford that new staff member you hired to free up your schedule…

And how to explain to your partner that those weekly date nights and that trip to Italy you promised will have to wait.

To make things worse, you know your burnt-out staff has been on the verge of jumping ship for months. You’ve got no choice but to cut corners somewhere to scrape together the dough you owe the IRS, and you’re afraid the strain on resources will drive your team to its breaking point.

All it took was one financial error to impact the growth of your business...and the lives of the people you care about.

Suddenly, you don’t feel like a visionary CEO...you feel like a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none who can’t wrap their head around what moves the financial needle forward and what doesn’t.

You realize that maybe you need more than a tool to keep your ship afloat, but where in the world can you turn for help making the strategic financial decisions that’ll keep your business running?

With All The Time You’ve Spent Growing Your Business, Isn’t It Time You Free Yourself To Lead It—without Missing a Beat Financially?

Your special brand of genius and your drive are the ingredients that make you a money-making machine.

Making money is easy. But managing it strategically is a whooooole different ball game…

And you deserve to be able to identify opportunities and strategies that increase your business’s health, instead of heading down the road to financial life support.

You deserve to know exactly what’s happening in your company and how to best leverage your time and energy so that you can fully enjoy the financial rewards of running your business.

You deserve to have solid and reliable financial management by your side, instead of trying to figure it all out by your lonesome—risking everything that you’ve worked so hard to build.

You deserve to wear just one hat—the CEO hat—and feel the power of being at the helm of a rapidly growing business, as well as the security of knowing that you’ve got the financial and organizational stability to sustain it.

You deserve to experience a strategic partnership that provides you with the financial guardrails your business needs to flourish, and the support you need to thrive as a CEO.

And I’ll tell you exactly how to get it.

But first, we’ve got to address the gorilla-sized
myths holding you back…

3 FALSE Beliefs You’ve Got To Squash Right Now If You Want To Scale Your Business Sustainably, Be The Leader Of Your Company (Instead Of The Firefighter), And Experience More Mind-Blowing Wins Than You Have In The Entire Existence Of Your Business


Myth # 1

“I don’t have the money to outsource
financial management.”

And we don’t think you should. Allow us to explain.

The idea of “outsourcing” implies that you can hand off your business financials to someone else, never to think about them again. This is never a good idea.

As the CEO, you need to be aware of what is going on financially within your organization. But that doesn’t mean you should be the one doing the day-to-day management of the finances.

What you need is a partnership with financial experts who will explain to you what’s happening with your money, how it impacts your organization as a whole, and how to make decisions based on that data.

It’s hard to get helpful advice from services that don’t take the time to get to know your company on an intimate level. That’s why financial software and freelance bookkeepers will never be able to give you advice that fits like a glove.

What you need is a team that will work with you personally to learn more about you than the numbers behind your business. Our CFO team at KFE provides ongoing support and guidance so that you can make business decisions with complete understanding and confidence.


Myth # 2

“I don’t have the skills to fix my
financial situation.”

It’s not your fault that your financial skills are limited. You’re busy running your business and developing the skills that helped you to get to where you are now.

But you do need to have an understanding of the numbers inside your business. Forecast reports from software tools or bookkeepers won’t give you the ability to interpret what your finances are saying to you about future prospects.

The good news is, you can partner with the CFO team at KFE and receive the education you need to feel empowered. Not only will you repair your financial situation, but you’ll also have the ability to set the stage for incredible growth and bridge the gap between your current situation and your goals.








Myth # 3

“I can make good choices to grow my business without learning more about the finances.”


You’re amazing at what you do, there’s no doubt about that.

But as your company continues to scale, the finances will become more complex. You need the oversight of an expert to keep your business from going off the rails.

At KFE, we don’t just take over your financial management and shut you out of the process. We work with you, keeping you informed at every step so that you understand the relationship between your company’s financial health and its sustainable future growth.

The Good News Is...

Building Your Financial Support Is an
Investment That Keeps on Giving

Here’s the deal:

If you’ve made it this far in your business, you already know that the right investment in your development is the key to exponential growth.

You also know that, once you get to a certain level, it takes money to make more money.

But if your finances are out of control, or if you don’t understand the information that your financial situation is trying to tell you, you’re going to short-circuit your potential.

What if you had an expert team of financial professionals that could work alongside you, not only to wrangle your books but to provide you with 360° executive leadership support that strengthens your ability to make decisions for your company that set the stage for long term growth?

Would you seize the chance to partner with an All-Star firm that empowers you to dream bigger, amplify your impact, and gives you the freedom you desire so you can invest your energy into leading your team (rather than feeling crushed under the weight of overwhelm)?


Hi, I’m Michael

I’m a financial wizard and all-around numbers guy (who used to know absolutely nothing about business finance).

In a past life, I was an engineer for the U.S. Navy.

But because a career as a nuclear engineer on submarines wasn’t quite difficult enough, I decided to dive into the treacherous waters of the business world.

It wasn’t long before I realized that all the smarts in the world wouldn’t help me if I didn’t boost my financial literacy. Even worse, I saw driven professionals just like me suffering because there’s no Rosetta Stone for languages like “Finance” and “Accounting.”

I decided to do something about it.

I made it my mission to help business owners understand their numbers, increase their profits, and make savvy decisions. 10 years, one MBA, and 200+ clients later, I’ve found the perfect formula to help business owners grasp the essentials without paying thousands of dollars for consultants and gurus. I’ve created the KFE Outsourced CFO & Executive-Level Financial Consulting system to provide CEOs with a roadmap to strategic growth.

My team of financial experts and I use our decades of experience to bring you valuable insights that allow you to reach your true potential.

We became too big to handle finances on our own. We hired Michael in October 2019 and ended up growing top-line revenue by 40%. Michael really understands our preferences and comfort level. It’s a high-trust relationship.”

Dave Way

We felt almost immediately that Michael was worth his weight in gold. He’s very good at communicating and he takes the time to get to the bottom of our needs. It all of a sudden felt manageable and reduced a lot of stress.”

Alison Armstrong


KFE Outsourced CFO
& Executive-Level
Financial Consulting

Financial Strategies, Executive Coaching,
and Sustainable Success for Growing CEOs

We support CEOs so you can strategically grow a business that supports your team, family, and community through a holistic approach to business financial management.

Just like those Navy submarines, our services are engineered to do a very specific job...

WAY beyond the basics of just keeping your books in order.

We work side-by-side with you and your team to eliminate challenges and seize opportunities through comprehensive, ongoing analysis of your financial health so that you have the knowledge you need to amplify your results.

At KFE, we help you make the executive-level, strategic financial
decisions your business needs. Our CFO services meet
you where you are and get you to where you want to be.


Our CFO services are designed to help you:

Shorten your learning curve (and path to success)

Equip you with the systems and processes you need to build a foundation for long-term growth

Provide you with the knowledge and support your need to confidently run your business

Empower your team to understand the complete picture of how financials impact operations

What You'll Get As A Valued KFE Client:

CFO Core

Monthly Custom Reporting

Monthly CFO Strategy Call

Professional Bookkeeping
$9,000 value

Complimentary team access to our signature Business Money Essentials Course
$500 value

Access to our team via email, Slack, and Zoom


CFO Advanced

Everything in CFO Core PLUS:

Advanced Tax Strategies, Tax Planning, Tax Prep, & Tax Filing
$25,000 value

90-Day Strategy Plan

Mid-Year Forecasting & Strategic Planning Session

Enrollment in Business Money Accelerator 90-Day Group Coaching
$4,997 value


CFO Executive

Everything in CFO Advanced PLUS:

Annual In-Person Strategic Steering & Planning Session With Your Leadership Team
$15,000 value

Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions via Zoom
$8,000 value

1:1 90-Day CFO Coaching Program
$12,000 value


Our Ironclad Promise to You

When you partner with KFE to manage your business finances, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing that you have an executive-level partner who understands the unique needs and challenges of your business. Together, we’ll uncover the exact strategies you need to steer your business towards the next level of growth...and beyond.

We offer month-to-month services so that if at any point you feel that we’re not delivering growth to your bottom line, you can walk away. Risk-free.

Smart Questions Your Fellow
Growth-Focused CEOs Asked Before Saying
“Hell, Yes!” To Partnering With KFE

What makes you different from other
financial companies?

At KFE, we go beyond ensuring your books are in order. We’re committed to partnering with your team to help you understand the “what” and the “why” to empower you to make smarter decisions about your future.

Our team will work with you, side-by-side, to keep you informed about your financials and your position in the market, and give you the insights you need to address challenges to your business before they become a problem.

Unlike other companies, we customize our advice based on a deep understanding of you and your specific goals.


Working with a CFO team sounds amazing, but the
investment is higher than what we’d pay to find a
better bookkeeper. How do I know your services
are worth the price?

We only take on clients who can invest in our services. Our team determines this from the beginning by taking a look at your numbers.

If we choose to work with you, our financial oversight is likely to have an immediate impact on your profitability. The financial rewards you reap from our work will quickly offset the cost of our services and bring more growth opportunities.

But if we take you on as a client and you decide to terminate your services, you are not locked into a contract. You can cancel and get a refund of your most recent monthly service payment anytime.


I have a successful business that’s growing just
fine. Why should I bother hiring a CFO team?

CFO services are crucial to the health of your business at every stage of growth. If your business is successful, it’s important to continue prioritizing your financial health to keep up the momentum.

You need a custom plan for investing in your organization to protect your money and your potential for future growth.

You’re Ready To Pump Up Your ROI With KFE If...

Your company is hitting its stride and you’re growing wildly:
Now is the time to put the financial guardrails in place that you need to keep this train speeding down the track.
You know something in your life has to give, and it can’t be you:
Entrepreneurship will suck the life out of you if you let it. You deserve to enjoy more balance and freedom in your life. After all, you’ve worked for it. Let our team at KFE provide you with much-needed relief.
You’ve been left jaded because of poor experiences with financial experts who overpromise and underdeliver:
It’s hard to trust again after you’ve been burned, but all financial management companies are not equal. KFE has a track record you can trust. When you work with us, the ROI will be crystal clear.
You’re afraid your business will crumble if it keeps growing so fast because you don’t have the systems in place to manage it all:
Growth is as exhilarating as it is frightening when you aren’t prepared for your new normal. KFE is an experienced Executive Leadership Support team that can give you the direction you need to steer your company without fear.
You understand that investing in help will immediately decrease your stress and give you the roadmap you need to long-term profitability:
The quickest path to relief is to bring in a team that knows what they’re doing so that you can give yourself the space you need to breathe.
You’re ready to experience exponential growth, and you need to assemble a dream team to get there:
When it comes to financial management wizards, look no further than KFE. We are built to help catapult your business to the top with our proven system of executive consulting and education.
You’re ready to step up and be the bold leader you dreamt of being when you started your company, facing challenges and taking decisive action without fear:
Because that’s what you get when you’re able to let go of personally handling the million little tasks that keep your business running so that you can focus on those things in your company that no one else can do like you.
If you can check off at least 4 of the 7 points above, you owe it to yourself, your company, and your future to apply for the KFE CFO experience.
By now, you already know that the difference between companies that have sustainable, consistent, worry-free growth and companies that implode (after sucking the life out of their jaded owners) is...


Financial Leadership.


And if you’re still reading this page, let me give you the pep talk you’ve stuck around for.

If you’re an entrepreneur or founder who wants to get out of the weeds of working in your business and step into the role of actually LEADING your team...you need KFE Outsourced CFO & Executive-Level Financial Consulting.

If your growth is snowballing, and you need to figure out your next best move...you need KFE Outsourced CFO & Executive-Level Financial Consulting.

If your finances are a mess and you don’t know how to make heads nor tails of it...you need KFE Outsourced CFO & Executive-Level Financial Consulting.

If you’re short on sleep because you’re busy wearing too many hats and you can barely keep up with all the demands...you need KFE Outsourced CFO & Executive-Level Financial Consulting.

If you’re bringing in more revenue than you ever imagined, but your take-home pay hasn’t grown...you need KFE Outsourced CFO & Executive-Level Financial Consulting.


If you’re ready to build a more resilient business so that you can keep growing, no matter what obstacles and surprises come your way...you need KFE Outsourced CFO & Executive-Level Financial Consulting.

You Need KFE Outsourced CFO &
Executive-Level Financial Consulting.