Your financial partner for CFO
and business money coaching

We take the

guesswork out of

scaling profitably.

Get a handle on your cash flows, map out your

projections, master your internal financial reporting

& get on track to higher profitability.

You don’t know

what you don’t know.

Especially when it comes

to things like cash flow

forecasts, tax strategies,

and budgeting.

Luckily for you, we do all the knowing.

We partner with digital businesses looking to

profitably scale past the 7 and 8-figure barriers

by helping them to increase cash flow, maximize

profitability and minimize taxes.

Our goal is to help you get more of what you

need out of your business. We show you how to

make your business financials run smarter,

allowing you to focus your time and energy on

growing your business.

Expect a fully invested

partner to take on

the success of your

financial decisions.

Get ready for collective CFO genius.

Arming your business
the support and
arsenal of
an entire team
when it
comes to crafting
financial strategy.

You need more than just a bookkeeper, you need a

serious game plan. That’s where we come in.

You want to increase your profitability rather

than watch it dwindle or simply break even - we’re

here to lay down your most essential foundation.

Get out of your own way and let an experienced

team of CFOs scale your business to the next

level. To be effective, we know we need to
our collective mastermind. That’s why
all of our
executive-level decision making is
done as a team.
We’re not just your right hand
man, we’ll provide
a solid left hand, too.


Honest reviews from
massive successes

“Our financials were a total mess. KFE cleaned
up the accounting systems,
developed reliable
financial reports and a cash flow forecast. They are
qualified financial experts who went above
and beyond to support our business!”

Nicole McDonald –
Director of Operations, Gryyt, Inc.

“[As a CEO of a multiple 7-figure company] it’s difficult to keep an eye on the books and wear all the hats that you need to. Michael provides us with the insight that is sorely needed. It really is fantastic to have someone who is able to provide the advice you need to make executive decisions.

Going into the pandemic was pretty scary. We had a come-to-Jesus talk with Michael. They made suggestions that were very practical. We have been able to navigate those extremely perilous waters and we could not have done that without Michael and his team.”

Sam Banks –
CEO Doctor’s Express

“I don’t have a background in finance. I’ve learned to surround myself with people who complement my weaknesses. Michael’s energy and his passion really sold me. He has this way of teaching that makes you feel really comfortable.” “I found it very valuable to do coaching with Michael. He gives you the tools to not only empower you to understand, but also to retain it. I feel like I just gained so much knowledge.

Lauren Bongiorno

“We became too big to handle finances on our own. We hired Michael in October 2019 and ended up growing top-line revenue by 40%. Michael really understands our preferences and comfort level. It’s a high-trust relationship”

David Way – CEO Wasco, Inc.

Hustling to join the

7-figure club but don’t

know how to get there?

Looking at you, entrepreneurs.

Get intensive, 1:1 coaching to learn how a CFO
about business money. Learn the skills, tools,
tricks and
hacks you need to know to profitably
build and scale your
business with confidence,
and watch that money flow.

Coaching made ultra

simple so that you’re

not lost on your own

game plan.