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We are Fractional CFOs serving the professional services industries.

Not a numbers person?
Pull up a chair, you’re in the right place.

We partner with CEOs of construction trades, moving companies, and professional services providers to help them understand their numbers so they can make better decisions.

Strategic financial leadership that meets you where you are and gets you where you want to go

Making money moves for your business based on guesses, gut instinct, or advice from your dad’s best friend who used to be an accountant is like playing a game of lawn darts with a blind-fold on:

Dangerous. Risky. With a high probability of injury.

So if you feel like you should be popping the bubbly and celebrating by now...but you’re still stuck sipping on that luke-warm, watered-down beer…

No matter how much time you spend crunching the numbers, throwing dollars at your bookkeeper, or reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad...

Then you need strategic financial knowledge, tools, & support so you can lead your business forward.


Honest reviews from
massive successes

“[As a CEO of a multiple 7-figure company] it’s difficult to keep an eye on the books and wear all the hats that you need to. Michael provides us with the insight that is sorely needed. It really is fantastic to have someone who is able to provide the advice you need to make executive decisions.

Going into the pandemic was pretty scary. We had a come-to-Jesus talk with Michael. They made suggestions that were very practical. We have been able to navigate those extremely perilous waters and we could not have done that without Michael and his team.”

Sam Banks –
CEO Doctor’s Express

“I don’t have a background in finance. I’ve learned to surround myself with people who complement my weaknesses. Michael’s energy and his passion really sold me. He has this way of teaching that makes you feel really comfortable.” “I found it very valuable to do coaching with Michael. He gives you the tools to not only empower you to understand, but also to retain it. I feel like I just gained so much knowledge.

Lauren Bongiorno

“We became too big to handle finances on our own. We hired Michael in October 2019 and ended up growing top-line revenue by 40%. Michael really understands our preferences and comfort level. It’s a high-trust relationship”

David Way – CEO Wasco, Inc.

Because more money doesn’t have to mean more problems

Making money is the easy part.

Making strategic moves with your money?

That’s a whole different ball game.
The KFE Solutions Approach

After working with dozens of service based businesses over the last 7+ years, we’ve developed a three-step formula to help business owners profitably reach past the 7 and 8-figure barriers.

We break down complex finance topics into bite-size nuggets so you can boost your brainpower and make informed decisions that provide open doors to long-term profitability and sustained success.

Worried about getting stuck in the weeds? We’ve got a whole pantload of tools and resources to help you as we work together to implement your strategy. We’ve loaded our programs with plug-and-play resources to overcome the unique financial challenges of running your business.

Like personal trainers for your business, we’re always there to give you an extra push. Our team provides one-on-one consultations, personalized reports, and ongoing support every step of the way. As a service provider, coach, AND course creator, we know our way around the ups and downs of a successful online business.


Ready to profitably scale your business, minimize your taxes, and maximize your cash flows?

Our Fractional CFO Services are designed from the ground up for CEOs of construction companies, moving companies, and professional services companies who want to grow a profitable business with the help of an expert in financial strategy.


We don't just feed you a bunch of financial reports.
We help you think differently about your numbers. We show you a different way to look at your business. We give you the roadmap to increased profitability and cash flow!

Let’s grow together

A Short Story About
Michael King

Want to know a secret?

I wasn’t always a numbers guy.

I started my career as an engineer for the U.S. Navy.

And even though I had the smarts to work as a nuclear engineer on submarines (ask me about nuclear reactors sometime, the explanation involves The Simpsons), I didn’t have the slightest clue about finances.

So when I left the Navy and joined the ranks of the business world, I had a reality check.

I got my MBA and I soon realized that finances aren’t exactly rocket (or submarine) science.

So I decided to build a finance department in a box to help online entrepreneurs & CEOs understand business money, boost their profits, and make informed decisions that propel them forward.