Consider us the Ninja Turtles of business finance…

We’ve each got our specialties, but together we make you unstoppable.

Reality Check:
Nearly 60% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years.

In most cases, the difference between success or burnout boils down to one thing:

Money decisions.

For many businesses, a focus on marketing and operations got their business off the ground but high-level financial leadership is still the missing piece of the puzzle.

The only problem?

Adding an executive to the payroll isn’t always an option — especially when your business is operating on razor-thin margins and cash flow that’s tighter than a pair of skinny jeans.

So whether you’re brand spanking new or you’ve been around the block for years, you need to make strategic financial decisions if you want to sustainably scale.

Enter KFE Solutions.

KFE’s Fractional CFO Services have provided hundreds of entrepreneurs with financial strategies and perspectives that empower them to lead their businesses with informed, aligned decision-making.

This isn't bookkeeping.


Because at the end of the day, your reports tell you what already happened...not what step to take next.

We’ve assembled a superteam of financial experts who provide 360° support leaders of online businesses who are primed for next-level growth and profitability...but need the financial leadership to get them there.


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“We became too big to handle finances on our own. We hired Michael in October 2019 and ended up growing top-line revenue by 40%. Michael really understands our preferences and comfort level. It’s a high-trust relationship.”  - Dave Way

Now that I have a budget in place and I understand cash flow, I can sleep better at night. I’ve gotten my money’s worth from Michael’s program.” - Jim Carter

“I found it very valuable to do coaching with Michael. He gives you the tools to not only empower you to understand information, but also to retain it. I feel like I just gained so much knowledge.” - Laura Bongiorno

Hi! I'm Michael King!

Hi, I’m Michael King, business money expert and Mr. Clean impersonator (well I tried, but that’s a really tough market to crack into).

I used to suck at all things money.

Before becoming a CFO, I was in the U.S. Navy...

I had a fancy engineering degree, a job working on submarines, and a full head of hair straight outta Beverly Hills 90210 (seriously, it was glorious).

But all the gelled-up hair in the world couldn’t prepare me for entering the business world with zero money smarts.

And, like most finance newbies, I thought running a profitable business meant:

Memorizing every word of the Wall Street Journal...

Blindly hiring bookkeepers, accountants, and consultants to grow...

Or just crossing your fingers and praying you didn’t crap out every time you make a financial decision.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret (one I learned the hard way)...


After getting my MBA I spent years working with entrepreneurs to wrangle in their business finances.

And I found out: it’s all a lot simpler than I thought.

The truth is…

You CAN make profitable decisions without moonlighting at business school.

You CAN install systems for long-term growth and profitability without relying on your accountant to make big-picture decisions.

You CAN lead your business to seven-figure revenue and beyond without losing sleep (or your hair) in the process.

And at KFE Solutions, I’ll show you how to do just that.

Ready to stop guessing and start making informed decisions?

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Meet the KFE team

When you work with us, you get US.

Greg Archer, Chief Operating Officer

I understand the challenges, fears, goals, and ambitions of business owners. Being a business owner and CFO for over 23 years, I have worked with companies from scrappy start-ups to over $30MM in global revenue. I have been through a lot, from selling my house to stay in business and eventually adding 11 more locations to selling my company for multiple 7 figures.

I have led other companies through near bankruptcy, from losing 90% of revenue in a week due to COVID lockdowns to turning 2020 into the one of most profitable years in company history.

Lauren Rilling, Fractional CFO

Lauren has been helping business owners achieve their financial goals since 2016. She believes in making financial knowledge accessible and simple to understand, and has a heart for biblical stewardship. Lauren lives in Denver and enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with family.


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