Take it from the numbers whisperer.

You’ll never
about your
the same
again. Seriously.

Michael King is a logistics guy. His career history as a
nuclear engineer is about seeing major problems before
they explode, literally.

In the US, 60% of
small businesses fail
in the first 5 years.

When we made the pivot to working in
business finance,
we saw the source of that
ticking time bomb.

it’s the way you talk about money.

Sure, CPA’s know things about stuff; a
can keep your books, but you don’t
need numbers
nerds speaking in tongues, and
you don’t need
outdated, generic, cookie-cutter
financial “solutions”
that fail to provide a return
on investment. You need
an executive-level
financial team member, but can’t
afford it.

KFE’s ultimate solution is to help
business owners like you
your numbers so that
you can make
better decisions, period.

KFE Solutions makes sure you won’t be a
you’ll grow your statistics with an
invested CFO that
knows how to break it down.
You can’t put a price
on feeling secure about
your business’ future, so we
made it affordable.

KFE Solutions is a
crafted team
of CFO’s that
know how
to treat each
like it’s their own.

It’s intimate work that involves creativity
and real-talk.

KFE knows your business is your baby, and we’re
ready to
nurture it with the same zeal as you,
answering questions as you
go, and creating a
tailored-to-you plan. You’ll be paired with not
your CFO point-person, but the collective genius of
whole team, Michael included.

Hiring us isn’t for the
wary and it’s not a last
resort - partnering with
an effective CFO is a
pillar of a successful,
scaling business.

Relieve yourself of the stress of what
don’t know.
Get ready to operate optimally