Financial Strategy & Support To Exponentially Scale Your Business With Confidence


A Business Money Blueprint For Growing CEOs

KFE Fractional CFO & Executive-Level Financial Coaching

Dream Bigger

Providing financial strategy, executive-level coaching, and ongoing support through a comprehensive approach to business finances.

If you’ve ever spent hours spinning in circles while crunching the numbers, scraped together (your personal) change to pay for that unexpected tax bill, or wondered whether you can afford to send out the bat signal and hire some help…

We’ve got you covered.

KFE’s Fractional CFO Services are designed to shorten your learning curve and provide a foundation for long-term growth.

So you can finally buy your dream house...

Or open that long-overdue second warehouse that will provide opportunities for you and hundreds of employees in your town…

Or give generously so that your church, community center, or hospital can build another wing (complete with that brick with your name on it)...

If any of that sounds familiar…

Our team of experts partners with you and your business to deliver intentional financial reporting & strategic leadership so you can move your business forward and make vision-aligned decisions as you scale.

Like the Superman of spreadsheets, We’ll be there to fly your business to safety any time you’re in danger. My team and I provide ongoing support so you have clarity and strategies to reach your next level of growth and beyond.

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Business Money Accelerator

Accelerate Your Growth

Business Financial Coaching for Scaling Entrepreneurs

Personalized finance coaching that gives online entrepreneurs the financial knowledge, support, and strategy they need to reach next-level profitability.

If your business shot out of the gates on the fast-track to success…

But stalled out like a teenager taking their dad’s sports car for a joy ride…

Then Business Money Accelerator is for you.

Business Money Accelerator is a coaching program for rapidly scaling online entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the NEXT next level...but lack the financial tools to get them there.

You’ll get a comprehensive course to provide business owners with the knowledge and support they need to boost their profitability through strategic decisions.

Our team is here to give you an exact roadmap to financial success. From group coaching calls to individualized planning sessions and a library of resources, you’ll always have a map that shows you where to go.

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Business Money Essentials

Jumpstart Your Business

Financial Course for Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs

A crash course for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to learn business finance basics that kickstarts their companies, and creates a rock-solid financial foundation.

You’re ready to turn your side hustle into a legitimate business that’s primed for growth. Only the word “finance” makes you feel more like curling up in a ball than ready to conquer the world. Sound familiar?

Get ready to defeat that money monster once and for all. With Business Money Essentials, I’ll give you basic financial topics so you can make confident and informed decisions that benefit your business for years to come. Like a pair of jumper cables, our team is here to pump you up with energy and jumpstart your business.

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